Education Specialist in Curriculum & Instruction

Masters in Teaching

Bachelors in Visual Communications
Associates in Graphic Design and Multimedia

Senior Cosmetology License
Nail Technician License
Eyelash Extension Certification

ServSafe Certification in Food Management

​                                        Jatanee is a 30-something creative professional from the District of Columbia.
                                        She is a Beautician, Caterer, Educator and Graphic Artist.


                                        In 2007 she received her Cosmetology and Nail Technician licenses, which was
                                        followed by a Senior Cosmetology license in 2013. With experience in many hair types                                           and textures, her services extend to non-surgical hair replacement, eyelash extensions,
                                        natural and artificial nail services.

Also in 2007, Jatanee received her Food Manager Certification and has been servicing numerous events in the Metropolitan area. Including the Shamrock Festival, Cherry Blossom Festival, Capital Pride and Unifest.


Jatanee received her undergraduate in Graphic Design & Multimedia in 2008 and another in Visual Communications in 2010. In 2017, she obtained a Masters degree in Teaching and Instruction and is currently pursuing a Specialist degree.

Currently, Jatanee is special education teacher at an alternative school and does ​freelance marketing for various clients and social events.


Who Is She?

  1. Her Favorite Things Are:
    Jesus, Avocados, Green Tea &
    Her Husband (in that order)

  2. In high school, her name in Spanish
    ​class was Immaculada

  3. When enjoying a burger or a sandwich, she eats around the circumference and saves the middle for last

  4. She can't throw away anything that
    can be recycled

  5. ​She has a hearing impaired friend who gave her a sign name. Which is the letter "J" drawn around the ear to represent the hoop earrings she wears

  6. She only eats french fries that are cut
    at a 90° angle

  7. She has 1/3 of a #2 pencil permanently embedded into the side of her left foot

7 Fun Facts About Jatanee